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A tribute to the innocent victims and the heroes of 9/11

September 11, 2001 is a day that will be remembered around the world; the day we witnessed the slaughter of thousands of innocent American civilians.  We watched horrified as live television showed hundreds of fireman and police officers give their lives trying to save others. 


We stared dumfounded at our TVs as appalling scenes of airplanes used as missiles destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, slammed into the Pentagon in Washington DC, and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. America was being attacked by a unknown enemy.  All we could do was watch...


As Americans, all of us shared in the sorrow of this hideous massacre of innocent people.  In one way or another, this tragedy affected all civilized people from every country. 


Five years after the fact, America is still engaged in this struggle against terrorism. Some have said that this "war on terror" will continue for decades as two very different civilizations clash and compete for dominance.  War is no longer something that happens on foreign soil; it is now being fought on Main Street, USA.  God help us all.


We Remember!

The Flagpole

This site is a tribute to the victims and the heroes who were killed on that fateful September morning.  This project evolved as my way of doing something extra to help.  After I sent money to the Red Cross and other support groups, I still yearned to do something more, and unfortunately I was too old to re-enlist in the military. 


My father was a World War II combat veteran and like him, as a young man I was called to serve my country and spent one tour in Vietnam.  I have always been a flag-waving patriotic American.  I work in the Internet business today and have some proficiency in web design, so I created this site to honor those who are no longer with us.

NEW: The poems of Tom Zart, one of the most published poets on the Internet.  Tom is known as the Westport Poet Author of Love War And More 225poems publish by Publish America.


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See "the 9/11 Patriot"...

Viewpoint of an Average American Girl. Read about this 92-page, full-color photo tribute and short story about the year following September 11, 2001 in the Washington, D.C. area will strike a chord. more...


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No Debate

In my humble opinion, America is the greatest country in the history of the world.  No, we are not flawless and yes, we have committed some self-serving acts in our short history that we are not proud of today.  But, this is not the forum to debate the sins of the republic.  I have absolutely no interest in discussing the supposed failings of our forefathers or apologizing for every political blunder or misstep some American may have done to another resident of planet earth. 


If you disagree with me - that is one of the best parts of America... you're allowed to do so.  If you REALLY disagree with me and want to make your feelings known... get your own website and tell your story.


The September 11th. attack on America is not justifiable using any real or imagined political dispute, religious belief or misguided reasoning. It was a repugnant and cowardly act of terrorism against innocuous civilians.   End of debate.

What's inside

On these pages you will find hundreds of graphics, images, poems and articles submitted to us from people all over the world.  New images are added on a regular basis and the last entry was March 07, 2010.


Whenever possible, we have added the contact information of the person making the submission.  We do not own these images, nor do we authorize or license the use of these images.  If you want to use an image for any purpose, we strongly encourage you to obtain permission of its owner/creator.  If no contact information is listed, it means that we do not know how to contact that person, so please do not ask us for permission to use any image.


Links to everything you ever wanted to know about America's Star Spangled Banner. The history, US Flag Code, Flag Day, books and videos, and pointers to the best clipart and patriotic images available.


If you have royalty-free images that you would like to make available to other patriots and American supporters, please Send us your images.


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Want to help?

We don't ask for money, all we request is that you remember those who are no longer with us; the innocent victims of terror and our brave police and firemen who lost their lives trying to save others.


Here's a way you can help our fighting men and women who are serving our country.  Support them by sending a "care package".  Visit Any Soldier and see how you can help.

Thank you and God Bless You


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