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Show Your Support for AmericaOn September 11, 2001, a cowardly and faceless enemy attacked the United States of America and killed thousands of innocent people. We have witnessed horrible scenes of planes piercing the twin towers, buildings crumbling to the ground, the Pentagon wounded, and unjustifiable death in a field in Pennsylvania.

We pray that you and your loved ones were not directly impacted by these actions. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims and families affected by these tragic events.


In the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, we struggle to comprehend the impact of these deplorable acts on millions of people worldwide. Like every civilized person on this planet, we continue to ask ourselves WHY

  • How could anyone defend such monstrous acts against helpless civilians?

  • What hatred could exist to prompt one to perform such unspeakable destruction?

  • What religious or political convictions could justify such horrible deeds?

  • What did they hope to achieve by turning the opinions of the civilized world against them?

  • Why?

This unprovoked aggression will not go unpunished. Now our tears and misery are developing into feelings of anger and steadfast determination. Americans are drawing together, flags fly everywhere as we send a powerful message to terrorists and their benefactors. To the terrorists of the world, we say to you...


You have failed in your mission.

Although you have caused us unimaginable pain,

....you have made us stronger.

God Bless America

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See "the 9/11 Patriot"...

Viewpoint of an Average American Girl. Read about this 92-page, full-color photo tribute and short story about the year following September 11, 2001 in the Washington, D.C. area will strike a chord. more...



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  What is the motivation behind The Flagpole

All of the images on this site (unless otherwise noted) are free for you to use and share. Use them to demonstrate your support for our citizens who died needlessly, and celebrate the courageous men and women who are working endlessly to rebuild and protect this great country of ours.


Please note that new images and information is being added to this tribute site every day. Please come back often to see the latest additions. And, be sure to see:

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Links to everything you ever wanted to know about America's Star Spangled Banner.Links to everything you ever wanted to know about America's Star Spangled Banner. The history, US Flag Code, Flag Day, books and videos, and pointers to the best clipart and patriotic images available.

If you have royalty-free images that you would like to make available to other patriots and American supporters, please Send us your images.

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