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This tribute to America Web site had only been active for a few days when people from all over the globe began showing their support and adding their heartfelt comments. Here's a small sampling...

Show Your Support for America

California's 44th Assembly District Democratic Party While putting together our site, I stumbled across this beautiful expression of the American spirit. Whatever color of the rainbow one's skin, whatever political expression one's intellect, whatever one's orientation or belief in a supreme being, this powerful expression of American passion, spirit, and resolve in the wake of the attack on America sums up the meaning of "I am an American" in a way that words alone can not. Thank you so very much for making this available.
God Bless America!  (J.R.)

I have looked over both this site, and all the links attached on the comments, and I must say that this is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. I had goose bumps the entire time that I was visiting. You people deserve a world of thanks for giving people the comfort and awareness that we all need right now. God Bless America. Keep up the wonderful work. With love to all, (Jessica)

Great website! This is awesome! I wrote and recorded a song as a result of all of this and added your flash banner to the page I've got the mp3 file on. Thanks! (Jimmie)

Dolls4Ever God Safe our Country the United States!!! What a beautiful site, God Bless you! (Rene)

Highlander Realty You not only have a beautiful site, but one that is an inspiration to all those who visit it. Thanks for the opportunity to add America Flash to our company site. We do so with great pride. (Dorothy)

It is hard to believe that the United States was attacked...but please know that nothing changes the situation. Attacking Afghanistan is not the best way to prove that America is right and that terrorism is the worst thing in the whole world including in my homeland Malaysia. All the KMM (underground radical members) need to be caught and put on trial. And I believe we must stop treating Afghanistan unjustly and pay attention to history because history never lies....... Peace upon Us...God bless America... (E.R.b.A.B)

TwinTowersSupport.com offers a message to all... a website created to bring support, comfort and courage as we grieve and mourn the events of the recent past. (Presented by from John Harricharan, author of "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat," and "Morning Has Been All Night Coming.")

Support Our Troops Show your love of our freedom and that you support our brave troops. Get a patriotic bumper sticker to display on your car at our web site. Their are three to choose from. I love America and we are the best country in the world. (Carl)

Bill's Place The Flag Pole.com is a truly worthwhile public service. The unprecedented attack by Islamic terrorists in America heralds a new and diabolical increase in the level of determination by the followers of satan to overthrow the greatest nation on the earth. In my home in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England the Stars and Stripes is placed on the highest part of our house. At church meetings we sing the American National anthem and The Battle Hymn of The Republic. The people of Great Britain stand shoulder to shoulder with our American brothers and sisters. The blood of the American people and the British people intermingles and we are as one in purpose and intent. God Bless America. (Bill, England)

Can't Cry Hard Enough A Tribute to the Victims of September 11, 2001 is a must see.

Parkland College Responds Parkland Responds to the September 11, 2001 Tragedy (M.B.)

Penelope50's Your site is beautiful. Thanks so much for the beautiful graphics and flash movie that I have gotten from your pages. I have just started building a new personal website and wanted one of the pages to be entitled "America United". Your site inspired me. My site is not complete, but my "America United" page is. I have included a link to your page. Thanks again, Penelope50's (Penelope)

Inspire21 Now this is what I call a GREAT CONTENT SITE. It is extremely helpful to those of us who were blown away by the recent tragedy in America. Keep up the good work - I will return often. (P.B.)

The Veteran's Gazette  Thank you very much for your efforts. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. God Bless America! (Tony)

Dr. Tony Kern's article "What Price Victory: The Critical Component of Victory" demands praise. In this critical yet determined moment, he put clearly in perspective the will of the enemy and the heart and soul of the American people. If every American heeds this call, we will remain, and arise to victory and stand fast to ring the bell of freedom. (L.A.D., Free-lance writer)

I will remember you WOW! (Gordon)

Dream Artists Designs Love your site--It is absolutely beautiful. Thank You for Sharing and Caring. Love to All (Suzie)

Attack Dedication Words can't express anything anymore. Thanks for the hard work on the site, it's wonderful. Lord bless. (Ms. F.)

God Bless America Thank you for this most beautiful tribute. (Mary)

StormShelters, Inc. WOW!! Talk about waving our banner high! Everyone in the nation should see this site. After the death and destruction on 9/11 this site puts everything in proper prospective. We are at war and have been for a long time. The Acts of War was a wake up call to the American public. I pray we don't fall back to sleep. Thanks, Jim USMC '69-'73 (J.W.)

God Bless America This is a Wonderful Tribute, and I am Proud to share this with others on my site Thank You (Debi)

Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful and devastating pictures. Thank you for the words of Dr. Kern. Thank you for caring enough to work hard at being there for us. God Bless you. (Kelly)

Warner's Place Thanks...too powerful for words

My business does not have a web site, but I would post the flash and a link to this wonderful site. I am lucky, thankful, and proud to be an American and we are raising our sons to understand how wonderful it is to be in America. I will send your flash along in emails. Thank you again to everyone who created this site and to those wonderful artists who have taken time to put together such breathtaking images. I know we are strong and shall overcome-UNITED WE STAND!! It is an honor to be an American. Hug a firefighter or policeman today!! Support our troops! (Angela)

Ranch Mall God Bless America. Freedom rings and waves everyday with the support of display in our Flag. (Hank)

Troy Aikman Fan Page I used the America Flash movie on my web site (Kathryn)

I am called the American Flag (Sandy)

American LemonAid Thank You for making those wonderful graphics and sharing them. God Bless America!

Remember 09/11  Great site guys! (Duane)

CleriNet This site was absolutely what I was looking for! Thank you sooo much! I will definitely use these to keep the unity going! Together we shall overcome this great evil! God bless America! Thank you again! I am currently working on my site, but should have it up and running before much longer. (Renee)

American Patriots Its a great site that you have here. It's always good to see people due something for America, and ask for nothing in return. "Ask not, what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country" I have added the flash to my web site, "American Patriots". (Rich)

True Data Systems I just updated our company website and added your Flash movie. It's wonderful and the best simple Flash I've seen yet. Thanks! (C.R.)

America UNITED WE STAND (Sandy)

For the country, I am praying for a time of healing, unity, and prayer among all religions/individuals...  For the victims' families, I am praying for peace, comfort, strength, and courage during their time of grief and sorrow...  For the President and his leaders I am praying for wisdom, favor, courage, and the support of every American as they prepare to carry out judgment against our enemies...it will not be easy or without blood shed...they need our support (as do all American military personnel, who will be asked to carry out this judgment)....

PS 118:7 The Lord is with me; he is my helper. I will look in triumph on my enemies..... (S.B.)

The First State Thanks for your great work. (S.F.)

ROAR Thank you for providing this excellent website for fellow Americans. This site is a wonderful resource for our students and I am proud to have R.O.A.R. link to it. (D.)

Ace Banner The employees and management of Ace Banner & Flag Co. would like to extend its deepest sympathies, to the people who lost loved ones in the horrific World Trade Center attack. In our hearts we know that the people who committed the loathsome, cowardly attack against our country - against Freedom itself - will be brought to justice. (C.J.)

Today, we guard our country like Fort Knox.

We have suffered the onslaught of terrorism like the battering of a Florida Hurricane bearing down on the coast of humankind. Over 6,000 are missing after the attack on the World Trade Center.

Only days after the paralyzing shock and its death toll, Americans do not stand alone in this fight against the mastermind who jolted this country awake with his direct and unmerciful insult to humanity. It was not our battle until he jostled the citizens of a free country into action. But now, the sleeping giant is awake. A challenge to fight to the finish and to stamp out terrorism has been declared.

President Bush said that intelligence, our military forces and every resource available to our government will be used to defeat the terrorist. The fanatic hides behind his religion while blaspheming the God whom many of us serve. He is a force to be reckoned with, but he very well may have underestimated the strength of a nation that was rent in two on September 11, 2001. Innocent victims were slaughtered. Humanity screamed out in anguish at the tremendous loss and suffering. The quote, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” aptly portrays the reaction following the sudden piercing of flaming arrows that soared into the lifeblood of a free country. Is it any wonder that we as a people, regardless of gender, race or religious affiliation have now offered the hand of brotherhood? Isn’t it a shame that it took an act of cowardice for patriotism to be reborn. And is it no surprise that we hear no demands to cease prayer? Are there any immediate answers? One must think and rethink the task that is before our president as he attempts to lead the battle against terrorism, keep our country safe from further attack, while trying to steady a shaky economy? As Americans we can initiate a solution by not creating problems within our own ranks. Prayer, human kindness, support of our government officials and its military is a formula for any peace of mind that we might hope for in this dire time of need. (Edie)

Memorial Day ...beautifully done and a very appropriate show of support of the current horrific event. My heart goes out to all the families and loved ones of all those who lost there lives.

Finely50.com Thanks so much for your site. I'm putting a link to it on my site if you don't mind. You have so much info and such great graphics that I think others would appreciate knowing about you. Thanks again....(D.S.)

Bible Truth Ministry We have added your touching flash presentation to our "Free" page so others can find it and use it too. (L.W.)

God Bless America  What a FANTASTIC site! (Genie)

TVKS (AFS) I plan to install America Flash on my site. This is one of the best, cleanest sites I have seen. WELL DONE!!! (T.K.)

America Attacked Thank you for helping with the pain of American and to survive the darkest day of this Nation. I was recalled to work early this morning (Saturday) to help process the Air Force Reserves heading to parts unknown. I work as a civilian at Air Force Base in Florida, and when I walked across the hanger and saw so many reservist lying on their duffle bags waiting to board their flights, I broke down. I asked why? I found no answer. It was so quiet, no one spoke. I tried to make a web page to help all Americans. I work at Eglin AFB, Florida where 12 of 19 members of our base were murdered at the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia. My father and father in-law were both retired Army and served in Vietnam. My husband and I both have spent our entire career working as civilians for the Air Force and it is very sad to see our citizens murdered. Thank for your web site, and God bless you and your family. A Proud American, (D.B.)

Armogast Web Graphics I used the flash on my website. (Jason)


Parenting With Dignity, a non-profit web resource for developing effective parenting skills, offers some ideas for parents during these difficult times.

About.com's Patriotic Sites

Webunet.com and The Internet Business Book

Aprisma.com Speaks in silence (D.M.)

Tom and Carol What an uplifting site for all of us. I was looking for a patriotic graphic and was lucky to find your site. (Carol)

Well done from the UK, where although we are used to terrorist attacks, because we are also a FREE COUNTRY, we suffered the loss of many people in this latest atrocity. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. (A.W.)

Would like to let you know that thought was beautiful site thank you from an Oklahoma native our thoughts and prayers are with you god bless united we stand. (L.W.)

Thank you for this beautiful site. (J.C.)

This was beautiful. Thank you. My friend in WV sent this to me in Alaska. We are standing proud, flags waving, and many donations to the Red Cross Disaster Fund from Fairbanks! (Amanda)

Beautiful Site !!! Thank you... (Allyson)

You have a beautiful site! Your patriotic graphics are among the best I've found! (Dinah)

You truly have the best site I have come across yet. Thank you for making me feel even prouder to be an American!  (Carrie S.)

Pastor's Wives This is lovely (Cindy)

Shop Dianes Great site (Diane)

I wish the best of luck to all of you and your family. I wish that i could help in any way and i will pray over all of you and we all want you to know that we love you!!! (Amanda)

I loved your site. Thanks for sharing. (D.M.)

This site is beautiful. At a time when so many of us feel helpless, it is comforting. God Bless America. God Bless You. (Laurie)

Excellent ... loved it. (E.R.)

Thank you! Thank you!  I was searching the internet for clip art for my son's 6th grade school project and came upon your site.  I just stared at the computer screen in awe.  It is so wonderful to see a tribute for the men and women who died in our national tragedy and I think you gave their lives the recognition of our country.  I am proud to be an American! (M.G.)

... "THANK YOU" for the beautiful gift of "giving" of your magnificent flash movie. What a wonderful gift of love!! God bless and be with you, thank you that I had the great privilege to visit your site, I shall return often. (R.M.)

Thank you for this site. I am very happy to share this find with my friends. God bless us, unite us, and may we overcome all our woes...... (Diane)

I think that what happened on Sept.11,2001 is a very sad event but one good thing came out of it. We became America instead of the United States. "America is a dream and the United States is the reality" (Marlena)

Thank you for your site--you state exactly what I feel. My godfather who recently passed and was in the Air Force and was in the "Death March" in Bataan. We are a great and good country, we extend our hand to all nations and yet must be aware that evil exist and we must be vigilant. Men such as by godfather and you give so much and are willing to give the most precious gift--life. Thank you and all the service men, police and the firemen. (G.M.E.)

Hello, My name is Tammie, I recently visited NY in March and stayed in The Millennium Hotel. Here is a picture from my vacation. I want to share this scene with others. Thank you so much! (TLC)

http://www.pintreecommunity.homestead.com Thanks (Tom)

We may have taken a strong hit below the belt, but this country wasn't built by cowards. We will fight back, we will not be backed into a corner. I pity whoever did this, because they will burn in HELL. My GOD would not want us to kill each other, I really don't know who Ben Laden's GOD is! (Fred A.)

See Flag Across America - Nationwide Support Run

Thank you so much for your efforts and for your honest caring. I'm proud to be an American and an ecstatic that the world has some together for one common cause - to help.... (Brandi)

Write Forever This is a great site. You have awesome graphics and its a very heartfelt site. (Ashley)

Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures with the public. These photos help to remind us of our vulnerabilities as one and our strengths as a nation. (A. S.)

Operation Bear Hug I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site. Not only has it provided my site with such awesome graphics, but it renews me every time that I view it. Thanks!! (Jane)

Love America This is not only a wonderful tribute to America and the tragedy of Sept 11, 2001 but very informative and moving too. Thank You! (Joanne)

http://hometown.aol.com/queentutut2/Queenindex.html I stumbled across this site while seeking patriotic images. What a tremendous site this is!!! Thank you for allowing me to use your images on my site. GOD BLESS AMERICA! (Georgette)

http://www.paigelroberts.com This is a beautiful site. (Paige)


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