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Buffalo I'm German but I m a big fan from America and I love this place and I can say only one thing god bless you America. (Olaf)

I really thought that the flag pole was a really cool page. It has inspired me so much to see how many pictures has come in through this web site!!! SMILE JESUS LOVES YOU! (Tabitha)

September 11, 2001, how can i forget. This was the day that America came of age. We are not the only super power in the world because we are economically fit. Perhaps the world thought we were not up for a challenge. That is not the case, we are ready willing and able...Thanks Afganistan for the practice, our knife was sharp, now it is a razor. So, other countries that are housing terrorists, be warned, you have once again,(ask Japan)woken a sleeping giant. All I want to know you want roses or animal dung on your graves. You can bet we won't give you any I guess you are as good as sh**.  Thanks for your concern, A very PATRIOTIC S.O.B

Wonderful site. One of the best I have seen. I made a couple graphics dedicated to America during this war on terror. You can see them at and God bless America! (Daniel)

I have a site about Airliner 93 this is where the words to the song are please go check it out. Excellent site my friend, I wish to thank you for your words on our site. (Spidey)

I think America has been through a lot since 9-11-01.I just want to say Good luck to all the people who are risking their lives for America. I hope they all come safe. God Bless all the people who lost someone in the tradgedy. Also I hope everyone notices that america became stronger and more together. P.S There not getting away with the terror attack they did. God Bless America. 9-11-01 (Jackie)

Dollz and Dragons I'll never forget being in my recordkeeping class and having a kid burst in the room, telling us how WTC and Pentagon was attacked. The halls were quiet that day. I just want to say how wonderful everyone is and how we've stuck together during such a tough time. God bless you all and God bless America. My site isn't quite done yet..but I have my memorial page on there.

Just another broken hearted American

To the victims of September eleven no more pain, your in heaven, Your in our hearts everyday, that's something no one can take away, People who lost someone, I know it's hard, but don't give up you've made it this far,

United We Stand Together We'll Mend

Indiana Search and Rescue Excellent!

On behalf of everyone affiliated with, we would like to offer a special thanks to members of Search & Rescue teams across the country. Terror comes from many sources, both foreign and domestic, but these people serve the community whenever called upon. Thank you. Awesome site, had to add the "America to mine, also added your link to my US Flag page located in our Legion section. Thank you so much for being you.....:o) Zee (Dave) I Think It's Great Thing That YOu Guys Are Letting People Put This On Their Sites, And All The Images Are Great. Thank You. Oh Yeah I Put The America Movie On My Site. (Matt) Thank you for this beautiful and patriotic site. Ii is sorely needed especially when liberal Americans promote hatred of our country... (Michele)

i think this website is great very patriotic. thank you for having this website. GOD BLESS AMRERICA. WE WILL NOT FORGET9-11-01 (Vicki) With our troops headed to Iraq, I wanted to show my support and create a news portal that was also a tribute to America. I was searching for some patriotic images to add to my website when I came across your website. I was extremely impressed and grateful to see such a wonderful expression of freedom being displayed on the internet. Thank you  (Matt)

No one likes the war, but we need to support our President despite our political differences. While the war is going on instead of protesting the war, we should spend our time and money helping the people in Iraq after the war. At this time we should pray for both sides, especially for our solders for doing their duties. (Vanessa)

Protesters please stop protesting you should use the time to pray or support our President Bush. Protesting wonít help. We need to fight because if we donít fight then more people could die then they could die in the war. If we donít fight then we probably wonít have peace, Because Saddam will eventually poison our people. I have this saying I made up protesting wonít help But praying will. So we should stop protesting and start praying more. Save your money for other important stuff donít waste it on boards and other stuff for protesting.  (Martina)

In American we have freedom of speech; this war is about three things. First, to bring about justice. Second, to preserve freedom. Last, to remove evil from this world. America stands for Justice, Freedom, and the removal of evil in this world.  (Duray)

Your Web site makes me proud of my Flag & country. I hold my head high inspite of protests & flag burning. It is inspiring to know there are the true patriots that will stand behind, respect and love our country for all it has been, and all it will be. God bless our troops. Come home safe  (Pat) The Pole is great. I use the great images on here for my website. They are so touching and awesome! Please visit my site also-(pro america all the way!!) Finally we have a president in office that's willing to help the world and prevent major murders in the future. God Bless our heroes over seas, the president and you!!  (David)

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